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BTJ was founded in 1961 under the name Kirjastopalvelu (’Library Services’) when the Finnish Library Association formed its own limited company with the aim of providing centralised services to all public libraries. In 1995 the company was transferred to the ownership of the BTJ Group, a Swedish conglomerate working in the same field. Since 2017 BTJ Finland has been part of Group, though the Finnish Library Association continues to own a 10% share in BTJ.

BTJ is the market leader in the provision of services to public libraries. Key to the success of a company providing such a wide variety of library services are its years of experience and its in-depth understanding of both the library world and library customers.

Public libraries form the bulk of our client base. In addition, products and services are constantly being developed and enhanced to cater for the needs of libraries in vocational schools and institutes of higher education, specialised company libraries, limited companies and public-service departments.

Our work concentrates primarily on library-material distribution (including literature from Finland and abroad, music and other audio-visual material, lamination and binding materials), the provision of cataloguing and database services, overseeing the running of the Avain publishing house, and the manufacturing of BTJ Pro furniture and equipment for libraries and schools. In addition to this, BTJ provides textbooks for both primary and secondary schools throughout Finland.

The company employs a total staff of 50 at our office in Pakkala, Vantaa.

BTJ Finland Ltd.
Väinö Tannerin tie 3, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland

Invoicing address: P.O. Box 750, FI-00038 LOGICA, Finland

VAT-number: FI01100206

Tel: +358 9 5840 440
Fax: +358 9 5840 4581

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